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We often make people feel invisible without intending to do so. As humans, we have the ability to love others well, and we better use it! hopekits are a small gesture to give hope and start a movement of kindness within our community. You can start with a kit or even just a warm smile - acknowledgment is what's important. No matter a person’s wealth, zip code, or past, everyone deserves love and kindness. What's important is that you see and care about all people. A hopekit is one small way you can make a positive difference in someone else's life.



The kits will evolve with time, but in each kit at the moment you will find a pair of socks, a toothbrush, a snack bar, a fruit cup, a water bottle, local shelter info and a hopeful quote.


hopekits would not work without our buyers. When you buy a hopekit you automatically become a part of the hopekits network and family – our buyers are the distributers, and this is what makes hopekits so cool. The moment you buy and give a hopekit you become a part of a bigger movement that can make a small change in your community. We couldn’t spread the hope without you!


hopekits are $5 a piece. It costs us roughly $3.80 to make each kit and the rest of the money collected beyond covering administrative costs (legal and website) will go directly to a local charity.

We will make absolutely no money from this endeavor, but hopefully we, and our generous buyers, will spread some serious HOPE! :)




We did not invent this idea of kits for the homeless. We are simply bringing an old concept that many others have done to a new platform. We do not want to compete with any other non profits, but rather we are just another outlet to give and spread hope across your community.

People in need sometimes do not want a hopekit. That is okay! Although it can feel disappointing just remember to be respectful of each person's wishes. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and even if they yelled at you on Monday, by Friday they might be interested in this "hopekit thing", so keep that in mind too.